Our Clients

At Find the Loose Brick Strategic Marketing Consulting, we are privileged to partner with an inspiring array of small businesses, each with its unique vision, challenges, and aspirations. Our clientele encompasses ambitious entrepreneurs and small enterprises poised on the brink of transformation, seeking to carve a niche for themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Who Our Clients Are:

Our clients are small businesses that recognize the value of strategic marketing but may lack the extensive resources larger companies possess. They span various industries, from retail and e-commerce to services and technology, reflecting the diversity of the small business ecosystem. These businesses are united by a common goal: to identify unique market opportunities, optimize their marketing efforts, and achieve sustainable growth and enhanced market positioning.

Our Role in Their Journey:

Find the Loose Brick plays a crucial role in our clients’ growth stories. We help these small businesses navigate the competitive landscape, identifying the ‘loose bricks’—opportunities that others have overlooked. By providing tailored strategic marketing consulting, we empower our clients to grow their customer base efficiently and effectively, without the need for the massive budgets that their larger counterparts might rely on.

Adding Value to Small Businesses:

Our value proposition lies in our ability to add significant value to small businesses at a crucial stage in their development. We offer expertise in identifying market opportunities, crafting bespoke marketing strategies, and guiding the implementation of these strategies. Our approach is hands-on and personalized, ensuring that each client receives a service tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

Why Our Clients Choose Us:

Small businesses choose Find the Loose Brick for our commitment to their success, our expertise in strategic marketing, and our understanding of the unique challenges they face. They appreciate our collaborative approach, which involves working closely with them to understand their vision and objectives. Our clients value the clarity, direction, and results our consulting services provide, enabling them to achieve greater impact with their marketing efforts and to position themselves strongly in their respective markets.

The Impact:

The impact of our work is evident in the growth and success stories of our clients. Through our strategic marketing consulting, small businesses have been able to achieve clearer brand positioning, enhanced visibility, and increased customer engagement. More importantly, they’ve seen tangible growth in their customer base and revenue, proving that with the right strategy, small businesses can compete effectively in today’s market.


Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra – Lansdowne, PA

The Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest and most highly regarded community orchestras in the Philadelphia area. The orchestra’s season runs from October through April, performing five concerts.

Farmers Union Coffee Roasters – Eugene, OR.

Centerpeace Yoga – Kent, Ohio.

BMC Keystone Mortgage – Glenside, PA.

Cordisco and Saile Personal Injury Law – Langhorne, PA.

WIRX Pharmacy – Fort Washington, PA

Danform Shoes – Vermont.

Commerce4Good. Volunteer digital marketing agency. Virtual.

Rumer Gender Surgery – Ardmore, PA.

Urban Grind Coffee and Cafe – Atlanta, GA.

1-800-Ron-Wilk Personal Injury Law and Legal Referral Service – King of Prussia, PA.

Isthmus Instruments – Madison, WI

Isthmus Insturments Women Owned Handpan Builder, Maker and Tuner. Handmade in Madison, Wisconsin.  Connecting people to instruments they truly love. Professionally built handpans, fast and excellent customer support.

HealthBridge Chiropractic

American Legion Post 227 – Springfield, PA

Join the Community – Northfield, NH and San Diego, CA

Online Makeup Workshop – South Africa

Law Offices of Jil E.M. Halevi – Charleston, SC

Legalty Title and Real Estate Legal Services – Ardmore, PA

Indigo Plum Women’s Shoe Store – Poulsbo, WA

Rogers Counsel Law Firm – Ardmore, PA

Frabizzio Law – King of Prussia, PA

Abraham Orthopaedics – Marlton, NJ – Pennington, NJ – Blue Bell PA

Abraham Orthopaedics is dedicated to patients requiring care for orthopaedic oncology and joint replacement conditions, specializing in treating bone and soft tissue sarcomas and metastatic cancer to the skeleton.”

Black Diamond Advisory – Golden, Colorado

Black Diamond Advisory, a OneStream Diamond Partner, leverages the depth of experience and breadth of knowledge to implement OneStream EPM across a multitude of industries.

Orchestra Society Logo Blue





The Orchestra Society of Philadelphia

One of the oldest and most unique community orchestras of its kind in the USA.